Thursday, October 16, 2008


Well I really do not have anything super special to say today. Work was work, busy the entire day and I feel like I have a phone strapped to my ear. Not one patient was happy today. Why is that. Why does everyone have to be grouchy. Why do they think yelling and demanding will get them their way. Why should they have to pay their bill? That one really gets me going. Do you pay for your groceries when you go to VONs? Do you pay your gardner? We provide a service just like they do and you have to pay for your portion of the service. With the bad economy I feel this is only going to get worse. I say we this practice has to pay the bills too, I have employees, Rent, PGE. The misconception that "oh doctors make millions" has to stop. I have never seen one person work as hard and long day after day as Tommy does. I paid an oral surgeon more to pull my sons wisdom teeth than we get to save a patient with a heart attack and don't get me started on the free medical care for all the prisoners not to mention payment of two guards (who are getting overtime) to watch one patient. My grandmother cannot afford her medicine and will go without eating to pay her doctor, but the prisoners get free everything. Its our tax dollars paying for that. That where we need to cut, not reimbursement to doctors or social security. Well I guess I had something to say today!!!! Ahh I feel better now.

On a short note, check out my pal ,Candra's blog, she has some stinking cute baby pics!!

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