Sunday, October 5, 2008

Q & A

It's Sunday night and I am back from visiting my sister DeDe who lives in Pismo. My pals Candra and Nancy came along too and we had a nice dinner, walked on the beach and scrapped some too. We set off Saturday morning at 6:45 am

Of course we were all smiles as the Adventure began.

I was in the drivers seat of course cause you know how I like to be in control. We headed to pismo and met up with DeDe at Margies diner. I had to introduce the girls to grilled biscuts. Yum Yum.

Then off the DeDe's castle to start scrappin. It was great to create with three gals who are all very inspiring. I also had to introduce Nancy and Candra to another local hangout McClintocks

Those lemon drops are the bomb!! We then went for a walk on the beach.

Wow wee. its all I can say.Wanna know why there are smiling? Its amazing what four women can talk about! You would never look at a shower massage then same way again! Its a girls best friend! Q & A does not end with school. The school of life is so much more interesting. Whats even better is that there is not one question we did not answer! You know me, I'm pretty vocal, and shy is not in my vocabulary. But with Nancy probing my thoughts on friendship and soulmates and Candra's best accomplishment and worst regret questions, I won't need therapy or Effexor for at least three months! Reflection is what I plan to do tomorrow.

It's always fun to spend some time with my sister DeDe. She is known to us as the Princess. A walk on the beach was special.

Well the weekend went by so fast and before I knew it, it was time to come home. Back to the real world now. But without family and friends my world would be so lonely. So thank you DeDe for always being there when I need you and opening your home whenever I want to come and letting me bring my gal pals.

Thanks Candra and Nancy for always keeping me in check. You two are one of the few people who know or see the real Cindy.

But most of all, everyone should take the time to walk barefoot in the sand, smile, love and laugh. It makes facing Monday so much easier.

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candra said...

AWWW!!!! Thanks so much for letting me tag along this weekend. I hope you have a great Monday!