Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Monday

I can't help repeating myself. I hate Monday. I think the person I vote for president will be the man/woman who proposes a four day work week! Sunday was busy busy for me. I finished the American Hero book I did for Shirly's son. They are mostly pictures of her father from WWII. It reminded me once again how thankful we should be of our freedom and for the soldgers fighting for this freedom in Iraq. Regardless your opinon of the war, you cannot ignore what these men and women do for our country. I think for xmas I am going to go hunting in the blog community for a couple of ARMY wifes and offer to do a book for them to send to their spouse for the holidays. If anyone knows of a special someone who I should contact, please let me know. With all my other commitments, I feel I can at least do two or three before the thanksgiving, in time for shipping. Check out below and you can see the pages, I will link the book once I upload it. Well tomorrows another day!

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