Sunday, October 26, 2008

Family Ties

The Welch Family or as Richard said we are not laughing with you, But at you!

Well when everything is said and done, family is what ties everyone together. I have planned family pics with Candra for a couple of months and have a session scheduled for my entire family when they are here for thanksgiving. Because Duck hunting is a priority for Richard these days, we had to have our individual pics done early. Needless to say the dogs were a challenge and getting Garrett to be in a good mood as he was missing the baseball game was more of a challenge. However there are some cute shots. Here is a preview. I can't wait to design my xmas card and create pages that will capture my thoughts during this time. Love C
My Beautiful Rachie
He is not a little boy anymore!
I'm not nineteen anymore :(
But I think I prefer to be where I am today, My fun is just beginning!
Candra, You are the best, so FABULOUS and giving. Thanks for being my buddy, my creative soulmate!


Candra said...

Aw! Aren't you sweet?!?! I love the last picture!

Nancy said...

Oh girl, you are sooo much more than you were at 19! You know more, you know who you are - and you know what makes you happy. And you are one HOT mama!