Thursday, October 2, 2008

Close To My Heart

Okay, I have finally caught up on my sleep and am getting ready to jet to my sisters in Pismo with my two gal pals Candra and Nancy. I am so glad I have them to keep me in line. Anyway despite my hectic week with little sleep, I have taken up a challange to do Ali Edwars A week in the life book. Thus I have been taking shots of some everyday life. Today here are the three things I am thankful for

My friend Debbie Sue (thats what I call her)
She has been my manicurist for over 20 years and a best pal for that long as well. Without her I would be insain and my nails and toes would look #*&*&#@#!

Thursday am coffee with Debbie Sue. Pumpkin Spice my favorite

Pretty pink toes. Thanks debbie I feel so much better now.
(sorry Suzanne, your right ugly carpet. I will do better next time.

So after an hour with Debbie, coffee, mani and pedi I am a new woman.
The massage last night by Amy didn't hurt either!!!!!!!

And now I am off to our monthly Close to My Heart night were we make a two page layout and have a drink and chat with the girls so fun.
Have a Great Day

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Suzanne said...

Great shots and I share your and being pampered...noth'n better than that!You always find a way to work some fun into your crazy busy days. Gosh, I guess it's more of an attitude than anything, huh? Keep up the positive attitude. You're an inspiration!