Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh Monday

Why does it have to be Monday, why can't it be Friday? I always think this on Monday. The weekend is never long enough :( I did get a lot of layouts done yesterday for Shirley. These are WWII pictures of her father that I will ultimately put into a 12 x 12 custom shutterfly book. Great x-mas gifts. Some of the layouts on below.

I did get my acrylic shelving for my scrap room today. I plan to take pictures of it tomorrow to show you. Well gotta check my email and work on another layout or two before bed time. 4:22 am comes early and I have to be bright eyed and busy tailed for Debbie Sue for running in the am.


Suzanne said...

Your layouts are awesome and I'd say you've got the hang on this blogg'n thing. Looks great, Cindy.

candra said...

Do you mean literally "running" at 4 am? Either way...that's way to early for anthing.