Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Happy Place

Just as I promised, I have updated pictures of my HAPPY PLACE. I found some acrylic shelves and bins that hook onto peg board. Oh everything looks so happy. My son Garrett hung the ribbon holder that my pal Candice bought for the room. When my day gets stressful, I just have to walk by, open the door and instant happiness comes over me. I can't wait to steal a minute to work in there. Last night after creating my first page and cleaning up the mess, a Peace I have never felt before swept over me. Anyone who knows me will know that cleaning up my mess and keeping my space neat and tidy is a GREAT accomplishment.

And after two days of clipping, the ribbon holder is full, Yes girls I still have more ribbon. It's a sickness I know. Some girls collect diamonds, I collect ribbon and flowers. However the rest of the ribbon I have needs spools, spools that I don't have and just short of dumpster diving at Beverlys to find some empty spools, I guess I will just have to wait till I use up a spool :(

Ah sooooooooo happy. I think I need to have a scrap room open house, What do you think? Have a great Wednesday!


Suzanne said...

Your ribbon wall makes me want to lick the computer screen! I can save empty spools for you if you'd like. We don't get tons but a few every week. And look at all that room for buying more stuff! You'll never want to go home. All you need is a cot. Tommy is wonderful to let you do this - shows how special you are to him. You should have a class there. What fun!

Nancy said...

That ribbon makes me GREEEEEN with envy! You are blessed to have such a great spot to create. Here's to more and more peace each and every day you get to create there!