Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Well, I made it through the day with the little sleep I got last night. On top off all that I have comitted to, I decided to take on Ali Edwards "a week in the life" challange this week, which will end up in a mini book. I am going to my sisters this weekend in Pismo for a scrappin weekend with my two pals Candra and Nancy so I should be able to get it done. Here are a few shots from yesterday and today

This is how I start everyday. Its so inspiring too!

After I take a sip of coffee, its treat time for Daddy's kitty. Really its time to give Daddys kitty his prozac, hidden in a treat! That cat just drives me crazy peeing where he should not. Thus the prozac.

My office, I am starting my day in this mess. This mess drives Tommy crazy. He said how come your scrap room is neat and this is a mess? Dont know, its just how I work.

My blackberry. What can I say every doctor in this town has this number as then know I am the side kick in the know. Plus, Tom needs to be able to reach me 27/7 or so he thinks. Thus this thing is closer to me than my husband. I think the new pink blackberry is in my future! Its much more fashionable I think.

MESSAGES. Yuk, they breed like rabbits. This clip is never empty. Calgon take me away

Okay so maybe a week in the life is just too depressing. So what did I do? Thats right, I walked into my happy place and put this little baby together. Now thats work!

Have a great night and tomorrow is another day, or so scarlett says

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candra said...

Hilarious!!! Your messages breed like rabbits, for me it's laundry and dishes. Can't wait till the weekend!