Sunday, September 21, 2008


Sunday is usually the day I never get out of my PJ's. It's the day of rest I need and boy do I need it after yesterday. The little Auntie project took my five hours to construct and I was needing a cocktail when I got done. To recoup I decided to get some of the backlogged layouts I need to do for various clients. I was flipping through my pics and decided to get some inspiration and popped over to my pal Candra's blog. Then it hit me and an hour later this is what I had

Those eyes are just gorgeous. But it was the picture by Candra that captured Charitys beauty!

I try to do or learn something new each weekend and this weekend was no exception. I learned how to use dynamic brushes in elements with actions which really cut down steps. I used it on the stitching in this layout. I also made the mat paper , blending a overlay that was originally black with pink and white. Really love the whole layout.

I next put myself in a Patriotic mood so I could work on my friend Shirley's WWII layouts of her father. This is really challanging as there is really no journaling to put on the pages and I have to put my thinking cap on to add some heart to the layouts below. I am four pages into twenty so hope I will be a pro soon.

American Heroes

American Pastime

Home of the Brave

Well back to work, I think I will take a shower today LOL

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candra said...

Youre stuff is so great! I love the pages, all of them, and I can't wait to scrap this week!