Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ahh It's Saturday

As I sit here with my cup of joe and a quiet house I reflect on the moment. Ahh it feels good just to do nothing but think. Okay moment over. Wow today is just like everyday and I have so much to do. My nieces Tori and Savannah Smith are showing Rabbits at the fair and they need two western towns built today for their costume contest. So Auntie Cindy to the rescue and I will create something today. Other than that I have many projects for clients in the works and will work into the wee hours today getting them done. But I love doing it. Please check out my new link for the Sutherland Sircus. Nancy is a friend of mine who has 8 month old twins and she is quite inspiring. Also My creative reality where my mentor dazzles us on a weekly basis. The weekend is never long enough so all for now. Have great weekend.


candra said...

I just love ya! Mentor...heehee...I sound old.
14 days until the BEACH!

Ashley said...

Good luck with the costumes! You had better be their favorite Aunt :)
Love the blog Cindy...Can't wait to get some of your much needed digital support. Some of us are truly challenged!

Suzanne said...

You look twelve in that photo, but I know the truth (and I too know how to use photoshop - thanks to Candra) LOL