Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Well, I made it through the day with the little sleep I got last night. On top off all that I have comitted to, I decided to take on Ali Edwards "a week in the life" challange this week, which will end up in a mini book. I am going to my sisters this weekend in Pismo for a scrappin weekend with my two pals Candra and Nancy so I should be able to get it done. Here are a few shots from yesterday and today

This is how I start everyday. Its so inspiring too!

After I take a sip of coffee, its treat time for Daddy's kitty. Really its time to give Daddys kitty his prozac, hidden in a treat! That cat just drives me crazy peeing where he should not. Thus the prozac.

My office, I am starting my day in this mess. This mess drives Tommy crazy. He said how come your scrap room is neat and this is a mess? Dont know, its just how I work.

My blackberry. What can I say every doctor in this town has this number as then know I am the side kick in the know. Plus, Tom needs to be able to reach me 27/7 or so he thinks. Thus this thing is closer to me than my husband. I think the new pink blackberry is in my future! Its much more fashionable I think.

MESSAGES. Yuk, they breed like rabbits. This clip is never empty. Calgon take me away

Okay so maybe a week in the life is just too depressing. So what did I do? Thats right, I walked into my happy place and put this little baby together. Now thats work!

Have a great night and tomorrow is another day, or so scarlett says

It's only money

Its been a couple of days since I posted and I am exhasted. I have to learn to let things go. I have spent the past two days and nights working on two custom Shutterfly books because I had a coupon. Of course it takes me about 8 hours to do a custom book. Yes I could slap the pics into a premade template, but then it would not be unique. Of course yesterday at work was one of the most stressful days I have had in a long time, not only is my NP sidekick out of town for the week, I think every patient we have called yesterday. I walked into the house at the end of the day holding my cell phone to my ear speaking to one of our Update in Cardiology speakers and made myself a COSMO. Ahh praise god. But of course I stayed up till midnight finishing the book. Stupid me. But my coupon expired today and I uploaded at 1256 pm. I just love cutting it close! Anyway here are some of my favorites from the book. It was a trip my daughter Rachel and I took to Europe a year ago. Makes me want to go back, especially since I lost have of the pics in a computer crash earlier this year :( Wont happen again thou with my new bad boy 1 TB backup hard drive. Thats a 1000 gigabytes. My son son says, if you fill this backup drive up, you seriously have a scrappin problem. Men. Have a good Tuesday.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's like riding a bicycle!

Well the end of the week was quite busy for me and I am trying to get two custom shutterfly books done before monday so posting has been kinda lacking the last couple of days. Yesterday I went to my friends Nancy's house to help with the twins so her husband could have the entire day off. Of course in trade since we are going scrappin at my sisters house at the beach next weekend!! While both my children are grown, the baby thing does come back to you like riding a bicycle! Of course I was still in training wheels and the twins are a 10 speed! But by the look of things, both girls were happy and all in one piece.!

This is Felicity, see I can tell them apart now!

This is sweet cheeked Charity!

They are rolling around everywhere but so interactive. One of the time its very amusing. Together you can really see the different personalities. I give kudos to my mom who raised twins, I am a twin along with my little sister 11 months later and to Nancy as she seems to have everything down to a science. For me, this is how I handles two feed, diapered and awakes babies

Needless to say it was a lot of fun. I am sooooooo glad I had kids early! I like my sleep too much now! Well gotta get back to work. Hope everyone has a great SUNDAY!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ahh I Love Amy

Ahhhhh. That's all I can say right at this moment. Last night I could not sleep a wink cause my shoulder hurt. I called my massage therapist Amy Amonette and she put me in today at 5 pm and after one hour of her touch it feels soooooooooo much better. I have been seeing Amy every two weeks for the past couple of years and she is great. She just moved to a new suite in downtown Bakersfield from her previous spot in a chiropractors office. Oh what a difference. It is so quiet and peaceful in her new space. She moved downtown to 18th street. Its a newly renovated building with the lobby entrance between a salon and an art studio and two doors down from Riley's tavern. The elevator is a little slow and the stairs creak, but once you walk into her space with the wood floors and Zen atmosphere its very peaceful. Her actual massage room is not too light and not too dark and is very cozy. Love it. I can't say anything bad. If you need to de-stress call her up and make an appointment. I sent my son there today who has been feeling under the weather lately, tired, general malaise. He is a new man tonight. I put a link on my list to the right so you can check her out. I can't wait till Wednesday till I see her again.!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Happy Place

Just as I promised, I have updated pictures of my HAPPY PLACE. I found some acrylic shelves and bins that hook onto peg board. Oh everything looks so happy. My son Garrett hung the ribbon holder that my pal Candice bought for the room. When my day gets stressful, I just have to walk by, open the door and instant happiness comes over me. I can't wait to steal a minute to work in there. Last night after creating my first page and cleaning up the mess, a Peace I have never felt before swept over me. Anyone who knows me will know that cleaning up my mess and keeping my space neat and tidy is a GREAT accomplishment.

And after two days of clipping, the ribbon holder is full, Yes girls I still have more ribbon. It's a sickness I know. Some girls collect diamonds, I collect ribbon and flowers. However the rest of the ribbon I have needs spools, spools that I don't have and just short of dumpster diving at Beverlys to find some empty spools, I guess I will just have to wait till I use up a spool :(

Ah sooooooooo happy. I think I need to have a scrap room open house, What do you think? Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What am I doing here?

Thats a question I ask myself alot. I never seem to get the same answer. Since I am asking and answering the question, what do I expect? However this was the question that immediately popped into my head when I saw this picture of my son Garrett and Chole hunting this year with my husband Richard. But really what he was thinking was What in the hell am I doing here? Who gets up at the crack of dawn to shoot ducks?

In this picture you can see Chole smiling and happy as could be. Shes the hunting partner that Richard can always count on!

I however knew exactly what I was doing today. This is the first layout I put together in my new scrap space. It was great. I knew where everything was, all neat and tidy and I did the entire thing in one hour! Can you believe it one hour. The only glitch I had was my BIG BITE. That thing certainly BITES A BIG ONE. It's the second time I used it and it broke. Can you believe that broke. I had to use a hammer to finish off my gromets. I am going to have to have a word tomorrow with the manufacturer of this thing! But despite my frustration, my happiness of creating something in a quiet, neat place in one hour made my long hectic day worth it.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh Monday

Why does it have to be Monday, why can't it be Friday? I always think this on Monday. The weekend is never long enough :( I did get a lot of layouts done yesterday for Shirley. These are WWII pictures of her father that I will ultimately put into a 12 x 12 custom shutterfly book. Great x-mas gifts. Some of the layouts on below.

I did get my acrylic shelving for my scrap room today. I plan to take pictures of it tomorrow to show you. Well gotta check my email and work on another layout or two before bed time. 4:22 am comes early and I have to be bright eyed and busy tailed for Debbie Sue for running in the am.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Sunday is usually the day I never get out of my PJ's. It's the day of rest I need and boy do I need it after yesterday. The little Auntie project took my five hours to construct and I was needing a cocktail when I got done. To recoup I decided to get some of the backlogged layouts I need to do for various clients. I was flipping through my pics and decided to get some inspiration and popped over to my pal Candra's blog. Then it hit me and an hour later this is what I had

Those eyes are just gorgeous. But it was the picture by Candra that captured Charitys beauty!

I try to do or learn something new each weekend and this weekend was no exception. I learned how to use dynamic brushes in elements with actions which really cut down steps. I used it on the stitching in this layout. I also made the mat paper , blending a overlay that was originally black with pink and white. Really love the whole layout.

I next put myself in a Patriotic mood so I could work on my friend Shirley's WWII layouts of her father. This is really challanging as there is really no journaling to put on the pages and I have to put my thinking cap on to add some heart to the layouts below. I am four pages into twenty so hope I will be a pro soon.

American Heroes

American Pastime

Home of the Brave

Well back to work, I think I will take a shower today LOL

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ahh It's Saturday

As I sit here with my cup of joe and a quiet house I reflect on the moment. Ahh it feels good just to do nothing but think. Okay moment over. Wow today is just like everyday and I have so much to do. My nieces Tori and Savannah Smith are showing Rabbits at the fair and they need two western towns built today for their costume contest. So Auntie Cindy to the rescue and I will create something today. Other than that I have many projects for clients in the works and will work into the wee hours today getting them done. But I love doing it. Please check out my new link for the Sutherland Sircus. Nancy is a friend of mine who has 8 month old twins and she is quite inspiring. Also My creative reality where my mentor dazzles us on a weekly basis. The weekend is never long enough so all for now. Have great weekend.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Work In Progress

Well it's finally FRIDAY!! I am so glad its near the weekend when I can get creative again. The first class of my hybrid calendar class taught at Simply Scrapbooks started last night. It was a lot of fun and I think the ladies learned alot. By November they will be Pros! I also touched base with my pal Candra George last night and saw a sneak peak at some art she will be exhibiting at a art show soon. It's Gorgous and you will not want to miss it. More details when I get them.

My work in progress right now is my scrap space. I still have some shelving and peg board items to put up, but it is coming together nicely. I am in LOVE everytime I walk in the place. Its gonna be better stress relief at the office than PROZAC! LOL I have included a couple of pictures of the work in progress.

And here is some of the shelving/organization.

Have a happy friday!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's only Wednesday!

Wow its only Wednesday and I feel likes its friday. I Added some of my favorite layouts I have done of little Alexander Payne. What a little cutie. I start my Hybrid Calendar class series tomorrow at Simply Scrapbooks. That is a three month undertaking and will be a fabulous christmas gift for anyone. I have alot on my plate but taking it a little easy today as you can tell I am still at home at 630 in the morning! Hope everyone has a great day.

Monday, September 15, 2008


The workday is coming to an end and I am sitting organizing my new scraproom at the office. Yes you read correctly at the office. I spend so much of my time here and have for the past 17 years that Tommy let me put in a scrap space. A place I can come to and ink some paper, make a page or just look at all my yummy stuff when the day gets tough. Today I ran across this picture and it took me back to when we started the practice. (god I look like a baby) I am so lucky that I get to work with my best friend everyday. While at times it can be tuff, the good always outweighs the stressfull stuff. THANK YOU TOMMY :)

It's Monday

Well its Monday and the busy work week starts for me, oh sigh! But one exciting thing happening is my scrap room at the office will be constructed today. Now when I am stressed or during my lunch (when I get a lunch) I will have time to stop and create a little something! I can't tell you how much that makes me SMILE! The rest of the week I will be super busy with scrapbook club at Simply Scrapbooks tuesday and my Hybrid calendar class starting Thursday. I hope everyone has a super week.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Hi everyone. I am so excited that I finally got my blog up and going. I am sure my friend Suzanne will now label me a co-blogger finally. I have had so many requests to see my work and I thought starting with the blog would be the best place to start. I look forward to meeting new people and sharing my passion of hybrid and digital scrapbooking with everyone. Please bare with me as I get up and going as it's something new and I have to sneak moments in the day to get it all done.