Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

As a new year begins, 2008 ends. There are so many things that have happened in 2008. The biggest thing was my introduction into another facet of scrapbooking, DIGITAL scrapbooking. I first saw a BEAUTIFUL layout in Simply Scrapbooks done by Candra George. I stood there one day and looked at it for at least an hour, or at least it felt like it. I couldn't wait to take the class. Well, never would I have guessed that this one class would start a new chapter in my scrapbooking hobby. A hobby I hope to turn into a career. And to top that, I became friends with Candra, or Mississippi Girl as I like to call her. Like I have said in many posts before. She all inspiring, and the angel in my angel vs devil world. We are so opposite but so alike its scary. I also acquired a scrap space this year. I know all my friends are sooooooooooo jealous of my little space at of all places, work. But really, I have to be there so much and I really want a day off during the week to pursue this. But realistically, its not possible, so a compromise was to allow me some space to use at the office. This place is so creatively inspiring. I love love love it, and love sharing it with my friends.

This past year my son graduated from college. It was a very proud moment. Unfortunately with today's economy he is still trying the right job. But I know things will happen for him, and being 23 without kids or a wife is the right time to find his way. We all need that from time to time.

My daughter returned from a year abroad in England. Wow, she came back a women. I admire her courage and her spirit. I am so proud of her. She is FABULOUS.

This past year, my parents moved in the their "wing of the house". It makes me realize how time has flown and how much I have always needed them. Everyday, I tell them I love them. That is so important.

So as I sit here by myself ringing in the New Year, I look forward to 2009 and will start working on my goal of getting published. I hope in one year, the first thing on my list will be I WAS PUBLISHED THIS YEAR!!!

Yes I Believe

My pal Candice or Candy Cane, as I like to call her, had a special visitor to her house the weekend before Xmas. That's right Santa. I of course had my camera ready. Well it was ready, but I am still in the learning phase. Can't wait to take my camera class from Keri Russell. I really would prefer my pal Candra, but when the two of us gals get together, we simply can't stay on track. Anyway back to my story. Looking at these BEAUTIFUL pictures, I realize that I too still believe in Santa. There is always someone there for each and everyone of us throughout the year. This person brings us Joy. They never ask for anything in return and continue to give and give and give. I have such a person. Without this Santa, my life would be lost. So thank you Santa. Your the best present a girl can get!!

Most of the pictures above are of my employee's children or nieces. Still makes me feel all joyful when I look at them. Happy New Year everyone.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Family is forever

This line I bring up often to my children. Especially Garrett. I wonder what I did wrong sometimes when I see him interact with his sister Rachel. Will they ever be close? Will they ever be as connected as I am with my sisters? I am putting together a family book from all the pictures that Candra took during Thanksgiving. I think its so important to put down these things on paper for future generations. I tell my kids, you will appreciate it when I am dead. They say oh mom, stop saying that. But it's true. So I will continue my passion of being a life artist and document memories for my friends and love ones. If I can just turn it into a career I would be totally happy. For now I will keep typing along. But here are some pages I just worked on. Looking forward to the New Year

Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Gift that keeps on Giving!

This weekend has been so crazy, I need more time, really need more time to get all I need done. With working the day after Xmas, my entire mojo is off. I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas.

As with every weekend during hunting season, I get some free time Friday night and Saturday. My husband leaves early afternoon Friday and heads out to "the club", the duck club that is. Its like book club for hunters. He takes our lab, chole and spends the time eating, drinking and hunting. Here he is with his best bud Mike Rigby and the "two girls" in their life, Chole and the newest addition Daisy. Richard is such a good scrappin husband as he always brings me pictures each weekend and usually a couple of titles for my pages!

But while he is hunting, he is always thinking of me and installed my new shower massage before he left. For those you know me really well, know I have a smile on my face. :)

Saturday was spent with my pals Candra and Nancy. It was Nancy's b-day, or appreciation day as I like to call it. We spent the day scrappin in my BEAUTIFUL scrap room and then headed to my house where Richard made us prime rib dips and I make jungle juice martini's. YUMMY. Now all the girls needed was a "shower"! ha ha. No Richard, not together!

My niece Tori joined us ladies and we had to curb the girl talk from time to time, but I can say, that for a 13 year old, she knows some things i didn't even know. Whats up with that? Well I gotta get back to the crazy Sunday with the rest of my family making an appearance. I am going to need a week and a few showers to get my sanity back.

Friday, December 26, 2008

One down, one to go.

Well, Christmas has come and gone and I am soooooooooo tired. Work has been so busy this month, coupled with all the holiday preparations I feel like a ran a marathon. So in my mind, I will say I ran a marathon in 2008! LOL. It's Friday and I am working up a storm as we have a full day, thus for those who know me, know how sad it is that I could not go shopping the day after Christmas! I have so much planned to the coming year and I am going to work on one major item this year. I am going to get something, I hope, published in a scrapbooking magazine. I am going to focus as much attention as I can into getting a layout published. Of course, I hope to build my client list. I love the creative process of documenting not only my memories, but memories of others.

So I will bulldoz forward in 2009 and hope this year will be "My Year". But as I look forward to the new year, I look back on this year and remember a few people who helped me be who I am today.

Candice: She is the angel part of my consence. I bounce so many things off her, knowing I will get the answer that pushes back at the devil in me that so wants to come out. So in my mind, she is "An Angel". I couldn't work the way I do without her.

Candra: What a surpise I got when I met this "mississippi girl" WOW is all I can say. I felt a connection the first time I met her in a digital scrapbooking class I took from her. I bet she never thought she would meet this crazy, fun, work-a-holic blonde chick that day. But now I can say she is one of my closest friends and I know we will be friends for LIFE. Paris here we come!!!!

Debbie Sue: Debbie has been my friend for over 20 years, she is my longest friend (i cant say oldest friend, its soooo wrong). Without her I would laugh less, my nails and toes would be UGLY and my life would be so boring. When I need her she is there and I feel I take take take from her and never give back. We think alike and without her, I would get to sleep in till 530 am. So thanks for that workouts, the happy hours and the pretty nails. You ROCK!

Nancy: While I dont get to hang out with Nancy as much as I would like, I do think she is one person that sees right through me. I can't pull anything over on this gal. I think she has a lot to give, and holds it all together. The way she blogs and records memories of her children is so special that it makes me feel guilty that all I can do for her is put her ideas on paper. I think our friendship will continue to evolve and know if ever I need something, she will be there. Love you Nancy.

So as we approach New Years I look back on this great year and hope 2009 will be that much better. Of course it would be super if I could have Fridays off !!!!! But I gotta keep working on that. But maybe Obama will do that for me!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Wow how time flies

Well, I have had some super busy days, work is endless, more than endless and I cant wait till this year is over. It's always busy as all these patients decide on Dec 10th that they need to get in before the end of the year, and with Tom gone the last week, it leaves me little time to get them in, thus all I hear is complaining. But if "i have been sick for two weeks" is so important, why didn't you call me two weeks ago? Seems simple to me.

Last night was our Xmas party, and I hate to admit it, but I think I have a little hang over today. My pal Candra helped me in the eyelash department. We played dress up Sat and I looked a little glamorous for the Santa party at Candice's Saturday! So I tried to recreate the look Sunday for my party. It only took me a hour to get those lashes on. But the end result was fun. Now most of my employees have never seen me with make up, so I like to give them a little shock now on then to keep them on their toes!

Well I must get going, I am tired, too tired to hang out with my pal Candra tonight, oh sigh! I guess I will have to get my Mississippi Girl fix tomorrow! Merry Christmas everyone

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Beep, chirp, piercing sound

Okay, I am sooooo close to burning down my house!!!! It started Monday at 2 am. A little or should I say a loud beep sounded, waking me up. I listened. Nothing happened. 2o minutes later it did it again, by 4 am I was running around the house trying to find where this nasty beeping was coming. Alas, it was one of the smoke alarms, but when one chirps, they all chirp! So i got ready and went to work, I was up. My last words was "Richard, you better find out what is going on the them by the time I get home. Well got home, ate a nice dinner and went off to read my book and go to sleep. Right on the dot at 9 pm it started up again. Ugh, I woke up Richard and said they are beeping again!!!!!!!! Did you check them? He said, it was not doing it when I got home, I said, that's the right answer. So off I went, riping every one down, unplugging them and taking out the battery. I went back to bed, closed my eyes and BEEP!!!! Of course there are two more smoke alarms in my Mom and Dads wing of the house, but they are asleep! So I stuffed a hole into the nearest hole, put a pillow over my head and tried to get some sleep. My last words again, Richard, check my mom and dads wing and see what is wrong.

So tonight, I am sitting at my computer, working on a blog banner and what happens BEEP. I go running in the bedroom, RICHARD THE BEEPING STARTED AGAIN DIDN'T YOU FIX IT? Well I reset it and it stopped. I said, did you check my moms wing? He said no, it stopped doing it. So hear i go again, ripping them all off the ceiling. Of course Richard wont let me get the 18 ft ladder from the garage so I can reach the last one. I swear I'm made enough to burn this house down!!!!!!!!!! Oh well, I guess a shot of grey goose and ear plugs are in order. Night Night

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Its been days!

Yes it's been days since my last post. I am really sorry, I have had one million things going on and had a couple of books I had to get done and I just neglected my blog. Me bad! I have also neglected Christmas decorating. I finally just put up a little alpine tree I normally put in my office as I just could not get in the mood to spend a hundred dollars on a tree. I, like many others are worried, rightfully so, about the economy. I have already spent more than I wanted on my Xmas gifts. But I am done and will not be buying another thing. So here is a Happy Holiday Tree, Cindy style. Yes, unfortunately there are deer horns on the wall behind the tree! I live with Mr. Hunter so I have to deal with these things all the time. I hope everyone has a great week!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday thoughts

Well, it seems like it Monday and Tuesday has flown by. Coming back from vacation is always hard. My desk was piled high, plus all the problems that occurred in one little week I was away. But coming home tonight and just sitting down typing my thoughts really makes me feel better.

Why cant people work instead of talking on their cells phones or reading their personal emails on my dime. The rules protect the employee at the expense of the employer. They have no worries while I worry about paying the bills, paying their salaries, will there be enough for Xmas bonus's this year? The majority of my staff have no worries while only a handful give me a 110% They should worry. If things keep going as they are going, many more people will be out of work.

Well enough venting, time to eat the yummy dinner my hubby made me!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saturday Fun

I spent time with my pal Nancy today. She is the mother of twins that I display them in my layouts. Love doing that for her and I was soooooo happy to spend time with her today.

Class kick off was today at simply scrapbooks. I debut my monthly hybrid class with the goal of learning a new technique each month. It will be the third Thursday of every month starting in January. Here is January's class. We will learn how to make a border with a brush.

Yes, this a picture of myself and my twin sister Lindy in 1964.

I also did a couple of Xmas cards for my family. I thought they were really cute with my pal Candra's pictures.!

Well as my vacation and post comes to an end, I hope everyone has a super holiday season.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's Simple

It's very simple, don't piss me off! In today's economy, we all are trying to find ways to cut our costs. I decided that the $150.00 a month I was paying for cable and Internet service was too much. My son Garrett had the same service for $100.00 a month. So I called Brighthouse and said, I want my bill to be lower. I want it to be a $100.00 a month just like my sons. They said sorry, no can do. I said my son lives a half a mile from me with same services and he pays less. They said its a promo. I said I will cancel my service if you do not lower it. They said hold please, let me check. They came back on the line and said we can lower to 130.00 a month. I said no, I want $100.00. Well needless to say, they did not do it and I switched to direct TV. Thus I needed to change my Internet service since I will not pay brighthouse another dime! I received my new DSL modem in the mail today and just set it all up. Tomorrow I am going to take my box back and give them a piece of my mind. And yes, I know pay $80.00 a month total with an extra DVR in my bedroom!!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Well I am back from Vegas in one piece and had a great time with my pal Debbie. We ate well, shopped till we dropped, had a few cosmos and wrapped the gifts we bought. I only need one more gift and I am done. Yippee!!!! Anyway this past weekend, I had my whole family here for My pal Candra took great great pics and I wanted to share one of them with all of you.

Now that I am back home, I have lots to catch up on and get done on my few precious days left of vacation. Happy Holidays!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

Wow, since Wednesday night I have been going nonstop. Cooking, shopping, cooking, family pictures, cooking and now I am in Vegas. Boy, my feet are killing me, but this Cosmo tastes sooooo good. Can't wait to share pics that my pal Candra took of my entire family on Saturday. Will share when I get them. Debbie and i are Xmas shopping in Vegas. Had some great sushi and now I am typing while she is wrapping. Okay if your present has too much tape, its not my fault its the Vodka! Have a super week, I am on vacation and can't wait to catch up on my sleep.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Well I have a million things to do and family coming. All the usual stuff we need to do, but working so much leaves me no time to do it. Plus with the Cat situation and Richard worried every second the cat is outside, I can't seem to keep my sanity in check. So I tood a breather and read my usual blogs. My friend Nancy is all ready it seems despite her busy household, so I know I can do it. Candra and I have been pouring over books I just received from a new source and deciding what to do about them and I am heading to Vegas on Sunday with my pal Debbie. Soooooo today I am going to be thankful for rest. I have had my cup of coffee and baked a couple of pies. I think I head back to bed for an hour of shut eye and then plan to dazzle everyone with my culinary skills. Well maybe my martini skills will help make the culinary skills much better. But before I go, I saw this quote on my Suzannes blog and I had to steal it and slap it here. I hope this becomes my new motto Well at least I will put it in a layout. Thanks Suzanne

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Prince

Prince. It's what every girl wants when she grows up. But the one that rides up on a white horse is just make believe. I know many women have their prince. Suzanne writes in her blog all the time about her prince, her husband, he even got her a carriage ride in Europe this summer! So sweet. I have a couple of princes if I really think about it. While my husband may not be a knight in shinning armour, he does do many nice things for me. I always have milk in my frig to make my latte's in the morning. There is always dinner on the stove when I come home from work and he ignores all the mess in the house because I just need to veg on Sunday ( or as he calls it Scrappa Doing). I have a best friend who I can call a prince. Tommy takes the majority of my hormonal abuse each day without every throwing it back in my face. He may say oh sigh a couple of times thou. He listens to all my scrappin, bloggin, cat peeing drama without acting board. Maybe I am a reminder what happens when the neurosis starts to take over, but without him, I am sure I would be SUPER crazy. The third prince in my life is my son Garrett. He is not the typical prince per say. But what you does for me, is all the little things that mean the most like filling my car up for gas, changing over my cable to save money, getting my weekly vanilla diet coke and lastly charming me into something everyday which always makes me smile. So I guess that makes me a Princess right? But what I really know is that this little guy is a prince to his parents Lesa and Brian Payne. This is the cover to the book I did for them

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Todays project

Well finished off a book for xmas presents for friends of mine, Will complete the book with a Thanksgiving picture. The perfect xmas presents for grandparents!
Here is a sneak peak

Brian Book

Thursday, November 20, 2008

You would thing I'm the bad guy!

Well, I came home from a long day at work to find my husband in a very bad mood. Why you ask. Daddy's kitty is outside somewhere. When he got home from work he let him out for a while, then back in. They Roaree wanted to go back out and he let him out and by the time I got home Richard did not know where he was. So instead of saying he is worried about him, he was angry. Well I have been married to him for 23 years so I know what the real problem was and I realize that I am going to be the bad guy in this cat situation. I sat down to write this blog and I got a feeling roaree was outside and I was right. He was sitting outside the front gate. I brought him in and magically Richard was in a good mood. For a man who hated cats five years ago, I think he is more attached to this cat then he is to me. This is going to be a long process I fear. But right now, Roaree is sleeping like a baby so I hope we will be pee free tonight!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Forget Prozac, I need Vodka

Oh Sigh, and for those who know me, you know that is a polite way to say @#*%$#. Well I guess walking Roaree did not correct the peeing problem. At 2 am today, I was awaken to Roaree peeing on me. I thought I was dreaming it since I was so anxious about the whole thing. But nooooooooooooooo I wasn't. I told Richard that's it, outside. So this afternoon Richard put him out for two hours and of course he came back for the "good life". Richard has a soft spot for him and its going to be a long haul moving him outside or partime outside. But if he does not stop peeing, then outside will be the least of his problems. So now I think I will flush the Prozac and open up the grey goose!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

What I learned today

I try to learn something new every Sunday in photoshop elements. Todays lesson was "how to use a brush to make a border". This border is the start of a hybrid layout that will probably be my January Hybrid Class at Simply Scrapbooks. In 2009 I will be teaching a monthly Hybrid Layout class that will teach one skill each class. I plan to use this base for a really cute Santa layout. I look forward to sharing my obsession with scrapbooking with others. Well enough posting, I hope everyone has a restful Sunday as Monday w ill be here before we know it.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Toys Toys Toys

Well it will soon be the season of giving and the kiddies will get new toys. But this girl got a couple new toys this week. I upgraded my Blackberry to the Blackberry Bold. This sweet 3G baby is sooooooooooooooo fast and the screen is bigger so these old eyes can see everything. I think I am in love, the only thing that would make it better would be to change it from black to leopard, but of course I am working on that.

Secondly I got my new laptop Yipeeeee! The screen is bigger and its BEAUTIFUL. Its sleek and powerful and boy is it fast. I just moved all my digital stuff over so I will preview something later. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. The only glitch was a problem connecting to my home network. I need to do so to use my large format printer. After two hours of googling and putting on my IT hat its done and I am happy. I will be up till DAWN i think. Hope everyone has a super saturday.

PS: I walked Roaree twice today and he peed outside both times!!!! :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Monday

Monday, Monday...... You get the picture. Mondays are never great. But wasn't super bad today. I spent most of the day connecting all the necessary "stuff" to Tommy's new iPhone. I guess instead of Nurse Cindy I was IT Cindy today. Got it done, with lots of "oh sigh's". So now I must be a pro! LOL I decided not to work in my happy place tonight as I needed to go home and work on some digital stuff. What I can always count on is Richie's Diner.

I am one of the lucky ladies whose husband cooks 99% of the meals. Tonight is no exception. So I can just sit my fanny down, work on my computer until din din is ready :) I hope everyone has such a great Monday night!

PS, roaree peed again today, OH SIGH!

I think I'm the one that needs the Prozac!

Okay, today is gonna be a long post. For those who know me well, know that I have a fancy for or some may call it an obsession with Leopard. To me leopard is my favorite color. Because of this I really wanted a Bengal kitty. They are a breed of cat that descends from Asian snow leopards. They come in a couple of colors but look like little leopards. I am also married to a man who is allergic to cats. To make a long story short, he let me have one. Now my family almost fainted as my husband Richard HATES cats. But needless to say, my first Bengal cat names Roaree is really Daddy's kitty. He absolutely LOVES Richard and not me. Thus I had to get a second one named chipper for Mama could have a kitty, and he truly loves me best, but of course he thinks his name is bitty kitty cause Richard refused to call him chipper

Anyway, Roaree has been a very high strung cat. He wants what he wants and if he gets mad, he likes to pee on doorways if they are closed to him, on Richards hunting stuff and on all the dog beds. It seems like he wants to go outside all the time. Thus we spend a couple thousand dollars building a contained Kitty Korral so he can go out the doggy door anytime he wants and be outside. However that was not good enough, he wanted to go out front. So Richard had a gate made so he can go out the front door and see whats going on out front. He still wants more. I got so tired of the peeing, I took him to the vet and he was put on anti-anxiety meds called Elavil. While it reduced to peeing, he still peed. He was then put on Prozac. Again it reduces the peeing but he still does it. The only suggestion now from the vet is to either live with the peeing or euthanize him. The thought of this depresses me to the max. My thought was lets just make him an outside cat. Of course Richard feels this is worse than death as he is used to a warm comfy house with food and treats galore. To put him out would be cruel. But if something doesn't change I think I will SNAP. Thus we started walking him on a leash like a dog. He loves it, but now cries at the door all the time to go out. I haven't seen any peeing, but its only been three days. So if you see someone walking her cat, that crazy person is me. It might be easier to put me on prozac! Oh sigh!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Well the cool weather is finally upon us and I feel so fall. This put me in the mood to start a thankful project. I am making little Thankful books that I hope to hand out to my family to jot down what they are thankful for this year. I am most thankful for my BEAUTIFUL children. They are grown with one graduated from college and the other fresh from Europe and in her final years of college. I guess I finally did something right. I hope the change in weather gets everyone in the THANKFUL mood.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Finally Friday

Wow, what a week, I have not checked my email or anything personal for three days. I can't believe it or how much I missed posting on my blog. Not that I have anything in particular to say today except Its Friday and I am sooooooooooooooo happy. Fall is finally here and all I want to do is fall pages. Working on some cute tag books for my family for thanksgiving. I hope I get enough time to finish them before thanksgiving along with all my Xmas prep. But today I look forward to warm pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice latte and family!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Well what every happens?

Today of course is election day and I hope everyone voted. I never talk religion or politics so moving on.... Been working on some Xmas projects that I cant share. The time change has wiped me out today or maybe it was my trainer Tyler. Whatever it is, I am too tired to scrap tonight and too tired to anything but eat the yummy clam chowder my hubby made for dinner, not to mention the home made corn bread. With honey yum yum. Yes ladies my husband does all the grocery shopping and cooking, so I am THANKFUL for that today. Hope everyone has a great week.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Doxie Duo

I grew up with a dachshund named Tiffany. My husband bought me a mini doxie for our anniversary three years ago. She is Zoey Lou. When I met Candra, I met someone who really struck a cord in my creative soul. For one, she started my obsession in the whole digital side of my scrapbooking. Secondly she has three doxies, with Bella being her baby just as zoey is my little ladie. Today I kept thinking about the picture of Candra's little monkey-Bella and had to whip up a quick layout. Which then I had to create a layout for Zoey Lou. I bet Zoey and Bella will be fast friends too!
What a cute little monkey!
And of course my little hot dog is sooooooo cute
Happy Monday. Now onward to turkey!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Restfull Moment

Well the rain has not hit San Diego and this morning I awoke at 8 am feeling rested and refreshed. I picked up a book I was reading and my hubby brought me a Pumpkin Spice Latte and sat outside to just veg. I sat out by the pool in the warm sunshine in my PJ's for a couple of hours just doing nothing! Gave me a fresh mind and soul and I am ready to move ahead.

We are not returning till Monday, so I hope to get a good night sleep and some layouts done before heading back to the old grind on Tuesday.

Everyone have a restfull, peacefull Sunday

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sunny San Diego

Well I am in Sunny San Diego, passing through the rain and wind to get here. Going to spend a relaxing weekend with my Sissy. I am working on a lot of projects for X-mas and Can't show them as the recipients read my blog. I did however see a cute pic of my friend Nancy's girls and Put this together. They are so cute! I am working on my Xmas card as well with the great shots Candra took as well. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Where's my mojo?

Today started like everyday, up at 4:22 am. Don't ask. Anyway, met Debbie for our biweekly jaunt. Everyone that knows me, knows Thursday is nail day. Today it was pedicure and waxing day. So with pretty toes, a freshly waxed you know what, and a tummy filled with Pumpkin spice latte my day was starting pretty good. Got to work, and the storm began. Been busier than usual today and every patient was demanding and not very nice and I hate to admit I took my frustration out on a patient. I apologized and sat there realizing I just didn't have my mojo today. My closest friends would stop here and say, she apologized? Yes I did, for what good it did. So the fumbled through the day, so busy that I could not finish anything I started. Then I looked at the clock and it was 530 pm. Enough off to my happy place! After a quick put together I finished a two page layout for my bud Candice. Now I feel my mojo is back. Tomorrow is another day! I hope it is BEAUTIFUL !

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


A couple of weeks ago I went to my great nephews first birthday party. For Christmas I decided to make a little cowboy first birthday book below. I have made many little Xmas projects, but I cannot show most of them, since the recipients read my blog. Anyway it was the first time I used the Zutter machine on metal. That's a workout, but I think it turned out cute and since the family does not read my blog I felt it was safe to show ya guys.

The title was cut out on my wishblade, the metal corners

I picked up a month ago at Simply Scrapbooks.

More frames and titles cut out on my wishblade.

Love the little buckaroo with the bat.
There are more pages but will have to save that for another post, I need to get some sleep before meeting my bud Debbie for our biweekly jog at 430 am UGH

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Walk In My Shoes

I have to say my step has been a little lighter this past week. Why, well let me tell ya. When Debbie and I were in Santa Barbara I saw the newest Dansko clogs at of all places Nordstroms. They were screaming Cindy. But of course they did not have my size. But alas, with a few clicks of my mouse, they arrived on my doorstep.

Aren't they so cute and sooooooo Cindy! Now if I could actually walk in them it would be great, but my trainer showed up again and once again I cannot walk without the word ouch coming out of my mouth. I keep telling myself no pain no gain, but somehow that isn't comforting me right now. Cosmo anyone?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Hot Dog Anyone?

Wow this weekend flew by and I did not get enough done as always. But such is life. What did make me laugh this weekend was the Halloween costume my son bought my little Zoey Lou. For those who don't know me ,Zoey is my miniature doxie. She is shy so it took some doing but I did get a picture of her in her costume. She is a HOT DOG. Not so original but funny as heck.

PS- don't ya love her pearl and jewel collar. I put it on her for our family photos A little ladie needs her BLING!

I am working on many projects for fall and Christmas. I hope to have my family holiday card done by the end of the week. Taking pictures with two dogs and Garrett really pushed my patience and thank god there is photoshop! I will preview it later in the week before my pal Candra heads back home for some fun and business. If you have not booked a session with Candra, do it. She is so great. I hope to preview a little cowboy birthday book I am doing as well as some paper I am creating digitally later in the week too, however tomorrow is day two with my trainer and I may not be able to move to get anything done!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Family Ties

The Welch Family or as Richard said we are not laughing with you, But at you!

Well when everything is said and done, family is what ties everyone together. I have planned family pics with Candra for a couple of months and have a session scheduled for my entire family when they are here for thanksgiving. Because Duck hunting is a priority for Richard these days, we had to have our individual pics done early. Needless to say the dogs were a challenge and getting Garrett to be in a good mood as he was missing the baseball game was more of a challenge. However there are some cute shots. Here is a preview. I can't wait to design my xmas card and create pages that will capture my thoughts during this time. Love C
My Beautiful Rachie
He is not a little boy anymore!
I'm not nineteen anymore :(
But I think I prefer to be where I am today, My fun is just beginning!
Candra, You are the best, so FABULOUS and giving. Thanks for being my buddy, my creative soulmate!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I believe I might make it through my first training session with Tyler Saso. With the holidays fast approaching, I decided I needed a little help with my exercising. Thus I hired a trainer for two days per week. He comes to my office and makes me do things I don't want to do for one hour. Today was my first session, and amazingly I am still walking, but sore. I have dedicated two times per week from now to Xmas. So we will see how it goes.

I am a little late on learning something new this week, but I did a quick tutorial on how to piece a 12 x 12 layout (traditional or in my case hybrid) together from a scan of the right and left side of the pages. In doing so I can save it in jpeg format and post it like my digital layouts. So here it is. This is a piece I did no pismo of my daughter Rachel and her 21st bday Princess Cake. I think it turned out cute. What I find is that I write more journaling when I do it on the computer. In this layout the entire journaling paper and type is together. I printed it out, cut it out and inked the edges. Really love the prima rivit jewels on this layout. So now I will be able to post more of my traditional pieces. I have to say that Tommy never throws away anything and the flat bed scanner was in the "junk room". I rescued it and here is the result.

I also put together a quick page for Debbie Sue of her granddaughters from the pumpkin patch. Love their personalities. Hope everyone has a happy friday, I am so looking forward to it!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just another day

Well, its Wednesday and the last couple of days have been super busy and I have not had a lot of adventures. Book club at Simply Scrapbook was uneventful, but the margarita afterwards was GREAT! Tomorrow a new adventure starts. My lunchtime trainer. Yes you read right trainer. I who cannot stand exercise, who drags herself up at the crack of dawn to meet Debbie for my cardio will start lunchtime training tomorrow. Getting older really sucks, but I guess I have to do what I can to keep my ass from getting any bigger. I will report back if I am still alive with the details. Well back to the Ole grind.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Okay how did Monday get here so fast? It was just Friday. I always need another day in the weekend to get the stuff done I need to get done. But alas, work never goes away. I did have a productive day in my happy place Saturday. Candra, Candice and I scrapped all day. I finished a couple of projects and Have in mind the next few I need to do for the upcoming Holiday Season. It was a lot of fun and I finally got some new actions loaded into Candra's computer so we could have some fun. I always try to learn one thing new on Sunday. What did I learn this Sunday?

I learned that a martini in Santa Barbara with a good friend makes this rat race all worth it! Debbie and I had a great time shopping in SB. The weather was perfect, the food was great and the shopping fun. Thanks for the fun day. At least I did buy one Xmas present since the holidays are right around the corner!